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Wool Summer Makeover

Updated: May 29, 2022

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. I love the long days, the smell of sunscreen, the taste of cold watermelon on a hot summer day, summer is unlike any other season. But I also like trying new things and expanding my vision when it comes to clothes. So in my new outfit I will explain how I used wool mostly known to be used for winter seasons and give it a summer makeover. I believe that you can make any fabric work in any season as long as it all blends together.

So for this new look I combined three wool items shorts, sweater and a beret. It started with a pair of wool shorts that I really like. I never really worn them before mostly because I really did not know how to pair them with anything. I also had recently purchased an oversized cream color wool sweater that I found at my local thrift store. I had both items but I had not given much thought of putting them together.

Thursday's is one of my favorite days of the week since its $1 day at my local thrift store. One of my favorite things that I found that night was a light pink wool beret. I love collecting hats since they can pull any outfit together. So I started playing around with the beret and then I decided to use it with my long blond wig with maroon roots that I have used before but not as often. Its one of those wigs that are more for hats, beanie's or headwear since the front lace part does not look very natural. So if you ever have a wig with a funny lace front you can still use it by covering the front lace with any type of headwear. I liked the look and then I saw my cream sweater I decided to put it together and I was starting to like the combination. I started pairing it with some of my skirts to see if it would look good but nothing really worked but then I remember my shorts and the small pink patterns and thought they would match the light pink beret and it just took off from there. I then added a pair of pointy leather brown shoes with a small heel and for my accessories' I used a brown clutch and gold colored watch with a small gold ring.

I never really thought of putting three wool items together and give it a summer vibe but it worked. I did however, pull the sleeve of the sweater to the side in order to expose my shoulder to give it a flirty look. I love findings things and putting them together. When I go shopping and I find something I like I just grab it. The putting together comes after and sometimes even months or years after. I had the wool shorts for years but I never really worn them since I did not really know how to match them with anything I had but I liked them because they where different. Wool is a fabric that is not used a lot in regular everyday wear especially in the summer but I encourage you to be to bold in your dress and be willing to expand your look and try different fabrics and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Here you can you see that I pulled the sleeve down to expose the shoulder a bit more.

The brown leather shoes with the small heel

The small brown clutch as one of my accessories

The gold watch to match the small details on the clutch

Here I pulled both sleeves down to give more exposure

Here you can see that everything is neutral color but what stands out is the maroon roots from the wig. I like the stark contrast that it creates. The outfit itself in my opinion is conservative but the maroon roots give that extra edge.

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