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Atomic Girl

Cool and stylish are generally two ideas that are used in most movies when portraying feminine action genres. In my new look I explore the character Lorraine Broughton from Atomic Blonde starring the beautiful and talented Charlize Theron. Charlize is Lorraine an elite spy in the height of the Berlin Wall era. Charlize brings a sensual coolness to being an elite spy. If you get the chance to see it I would definitely recommend it. I remember when Atomic Blonde came out I honestly did not know what the movie was about and I really was not interested in it but what stood out to me where the fashion's and of course the hair. The cool stylish mysterious platinum blonde. Although Lorraine is a savage and highly trained spy her fashions are combination of cool and stylish.

I have was always been intrigued by this look and I had been wanting to re-create it for some time. I started looking for the wig that would best match the look and also that would compliment my own natural features. I wanted a platinum blonde wig that would have dark roots so to match my dark features. I searched and searched and finally found the perfect wig. I did have to make a few adjustment to the bangs so that it would fit my face shape better but I still felt that I needed more direction. I was then recommended to watch the movie. So I finally watched it and it was what I needed. I was really intrigue by the cool color pallet that was used. Our character uses a lot of white and black and some brown. The two most memorable looks for me are the leather white coat in the first scene and the second when she takes out a whole squad of men and police officers while wearing a long white coat paired with a black and white stripe jumper. This was one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie the action was insane and so entertaining.

Watching the movie gave me a few ideas. I knew I had to use a coat and thigh high boots. I do not own a white coat but I do have a tan coat and I made it work with some black thigh high boots and for my third piece I wanted to use a small pearl color silk nightgown. The second look is a gold metallic skirt and paired with a black leather jacket. The jacket has short torso but the reason why I decided to use it was for the shoulders. They have a slight puff to the shoulders and the leather is thin and is also very stiff you do not have much flexibility with it but it caught my attention for the strong shoulders that reminded of the popular puffy shoulders from the 80's. I had seen this jacket at my thrift store before but I did not buy since I was not sure I would like it. I kept thinking about for about a month when I finally decided to go back and see if it was still there and thankfully it was so I bought it. I think we where just meant to be together. I did not use anything underneath the jacket because I wanted to capture the sensuality of Atomic Blonde.

I wanted to used a location that had a street vibe to it so I decided to go with a parking lot in my area. I really enjoyed this parking lot since it embodied the gray color scheme from the movie. Plus I also wanted to take photos in the elevator to give it more of street presence. My sister in law has a beautiful Camaro muscle car and although the cars in the movie are small European cars I would like to think that Atomic Blonde would be the type of girl that would appreciate a muscle car.

Portraying Lorraine was a lot of fun. I wanted to embody her coolness and sensuality in way that would be paying homage to the character. Her styles are cool and stylish yet ready to take down anyone if needed. What I enjoyed most about her looks is how ready to wear they are. You can create a look inspire from Atomic Blond and not feel like you are wearing a costume basically what you are capturing is the coolness and stylish that is Atomic Blonde.

Here we can see the light puff on the shoulders

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