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Essentials items to have in your closet

Every closet is an extension of who we are. Each closet can say a lot about a person. Looking at my own closet I feel like I have a close bond with a few of my pieces . There are few things that I always make sure that I have in my closet and I know that these essentials will help you. I love variety in clothes and I want you to look your best add that variety to your closet.

First off we will start from the bottom and we will work our way up.

  1. Nude or neutral color heels. I feel like nude heels go with just about everything. I have never worn an outfit where the nude color never not matched. I prefer nude because it elongates the frame. Most important I would say get heels that are comfortable for you to wear. Heels that you can run, dance, skip and do just about anything. I have a pair of heels that I can do just about anything and I purchased two of them so they are my go to heels for just about everything.

  2. Jeans. Now Jeans are a must and you can have different variety's of jeans. It can be either a jean jacket, jean shorts or jean shirt. My favorite is jean jackets they give a classic timeless look. For Jeans pants I have a hate and love relationship with them. Finding a good pair of jeans that fit me well has always been a struggle for me. I wish I could provide you with tips that that have me helped when finding a good pair of jeans and my only advice that I have is to try an array or styles and brands. What worked for me is to try different styles and find what actually works for me. I still feel like I struggle finding jeans that look good and that I feel like I look good in them but I just keep trying to find that style that works best for me.

  3. Blazers, I have one two many blazers. I have worn them to work or for pictures and I think that it adds a form of school and work character to any outfit. I would suggest getting a color that fits well and that can match most of your colors.

  4. Button Blouse. A good fitted blouse can do just about everything for you. It can be perfect for and interview to a casual meet up with friends to just about anything. What I enjoy most about blouses is that you can control the cleavage.

  5. Leather Jacket. So let me explain, a leather jacket either real or faux will always bring an extra edginess to any outfit no matter what. I have tried to get into leather pants but I have never been able to make them look good on me. No matter the size color or style. So my way to get around it is the leather jacket. I still remember my firs faux leather jacket it was when I was in college. It was a red leather faux jacket that I loved and I would match it with an array of scarves that I had. So get yourself a leather jacket and start exploring.

  6. Animal Print. Animal print will never ever go out of style. Its a classic print. Like polka dots and stripes it will always be something safe that you can have. I have a few animal prints mostly skirts and they are always fun and cheeky to wear. Animal prints are fun and can be paired with just about any color.

  7. Finally one of my new recent favorite things that I have added to my closet has been hats. Every time that I go to the thrift store I always look in the hat area to see what I can find. They can really add something extra to your outfit. As someone that does not really wear hats that often it can feel different but trust me once you try it and you will find that you love hats and will start getting all sorts of hats to fit your different styles.

I will link in all my different styles below and you can see how I have used them for a night out or simply to feel cute and fabulous. Closets say a lot about a person and I hope that after reading this it encourages you to explore and try new styles and new looks.


Nude heels can match just about any outfit. These heels are my holy grail and use them a lot mostly because they match anything and I can walk, dance and run on these heels.


This is one of my favorite jean jackets I worn this jacket many times. What I enjoy about it is the acid wash look. It is always my go to jacket

I also like to do an all jean look


This is one of my favorite blazers. Mostly because the fit my frame really well. One thing with blazers is that it is always important that it fits your frame well. It does not have to close but the fit on the shoulders will always be your best guide.


This is one of my favorite blouses that I have. It is oversized and I like that. Mostly what I enjoy about is the low cleavage. I like dramatic drop.

This one is also one of my favorites. I like the crisp of the white color and how I stands out from the brown aesthetic.

Leather Jacket

This jacket is everything. It is edgy and beautiful.

This jacket is from college. I still remember how excited I was once I got it and I wore it that same night to hang out with my friends to go to a haunted house. It was a fun night.

Animal Print

I love this skirt. It is one my favorites. Animal prints will always be a popular item and never go out of style.


This is one of my first times that I was really exploring with hats. I was aiming for a Boho chic look.

One of my favorite looks with a hat

Most recently one of my favorites. Headwear in general is just really fun and can really add something extra any outfit.

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