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Wigs: My journey

If you have been keeping an eye on my photos you may have noticed that I have photos with blond hair, black hair, long blond hair or short blond hair. You may think "Wow she changes her hair a lot." Surprise they are all wigs! I started wearing them about a year ago and it has been quite the journey and my experience has been amazing.


When I was in college I had a lot of hair. But then in 2015 after college I was at a friends house when all the sudden I notice that she was staring at my hairline she then asked me "Are you balding?" I was in shock and quickly told her no and shrugged it off but it did cause me to think that something was wrong. I went home that night and stared at my hair for hours. I would convince myself that its not true. I would look at photos and would tell my self that nothing had changed that my hair was still the same. I was basically in denial. Then one day at work I noticed my hair was literally falling out. I stared at the fallen hair on my arm unable to move or think. That is when finally I arrived at the realization that I was truly loosing my hair.


Accepting that my hair was falling out was very difficult. I would keep myself in denial for a long time. I would do all sorts of hair facials and secret recipes and pills to stop the process. But I stopped once I noticed that nothing was changing. I felt like I was wasting my time. Once I made the decision to accept what was happening my life became more simpler. I then decided that if its something that I cannot change I needed to do something to help me cope with it.


I kept seeing commercials about wigs on Facebook. Its like Facebook knew what I was needing in my life. I slowly started to become more and more interested in the wigs. I thought it would be something fun to try and explore; I was somewhat skeptical since I have never worn a wig before so really I had no clue what I was getting myself into. But I decided that I wanted something different and needed something to help me feel better about my hair. So I ordered them. Once they are arrived I was really excited but that excitement quickly left when I tried it on. The wig was horrible. I was so bad. I looked like doll hair and I think that it was. A few months later I threw them away. I did not have the energy to request for my money back. So my next step was to look for a store where I could try them out first.


I started searching for wig stores near me and I found one close by. I called them and set up an appointment. I was really excited and nervous at the same time because I had never done something like this before. On my appointment date I went in and was quickly surrounded by wigs of all shapes and colors. I felt overwhelmed and frozen. I stayed in the front of the store and did not move until a girl came up to me and guided me to my seat and asked what I was looking and if it was my first time. I answered I am not sure to the first question and yes to the second. She started explaining everything about wigs and all that they had. She tried a couple on me until I found one the that I liked the most. It was a blond wig that I thought I looked like one of the original Charlies Angels. I got it just in time before our family Christmas Party. I was still apprehensive in wearing it because I felt that people would notice that it is a not my real hair. So I decided to wear it with a beanie to ease myself into wearing a wig in public. My family complimented me a lot. No one noticed that it was wig and if they did they did not say anything. I started gaining more confidence an began wearing it out in public and with friends. I still get somewhat nervous when I wear it with friends mostly because they know me and know for a fact that is not my real hair and it is not like I am trying to pretend that it is. Whenever I do get nervous I just remind myself that I wear the wig for my pleasure and for others.

Moving forward

I have a total of 5 and I plan on getting more. I love wigs. I love experimenting with them and all the looks that you can do. There is no limit to the variety of looks that you can do. They really allow you to use your imagination and create looks that you never thought you could be. Each wig gives you a personality that you can play with and that is what I enjoy most. Its almost like an accessory. I cant really say that I am happy I am loosing my hair so that I can use wigs but if life gives you lemons make you sure to make the best lemonade that you can.

My First wig

2nd wig

3rd wig

4th wig

5th wig

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