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Pink Summer

If you are like me I enjoy summer more than most. I am not a winter person at all. I sometimes wish I was but I get cold faster than a chihuahua. Now that Halloween decorations are in the store and the weather is getting slightly colder, there is only one thing to say that summer is about to walk out. And I am not ready. So I wanted to enjoy a bit more of summer by taking a few summer pics with one of my favorite colors, Pink.

I found a really cute Shein shirt. It is light a pink with some blue little flowers. The straps are a little different in that they tie on shoulders creating little a bows. I do enjoy the bows on the shoulders because it gives it a touch of femininity without making it child girly. My only issue with the shirt is that the straps kept coming down especially on one side but you would just have to tie it a little bit tighter but you can also hide them or wear them down which look good as well.

For my accessories I used two items that I have been dying to use together and that is my pink sunglasses and my hot pink bag. I have been so excited to use them together. I generally do not like match all the colors together but the sunglasses and the bag had different tones of pink so they blended together really well. So when you want to get a look together with the same color you can do that with each item having different tones. For my bottoms I used light blue shorts and that gave it more of a causal look to it.

The look was so fun to create. It was pink it was cute and it reminded me of summer. It was a sweet goodbye to summer until next year.

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