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Pink April

April is a great month. They are so many things to love about April. Lets talk about a few of them shall we! So first of all April has the most unique holiday April Fools. I think stores should use it more in their sales. Can you imagine at the counter and the clerk saying April fools not only do you get 25% off but you get 50% off I think that it would work. So we have April Fools and then Easter with all its beautiful pastel colors. I never grew up celebrating Easter and I never really liked the bunny it would scare me as a child and to this day nothing has changed. One of the things that I enjoy most about April is that its this gateway to summer. The flowers are coming out and the days are getting longer and warmer.

So to celebrate April I wanted to use one of my favorite colors Pink. I had purchased a pink romper with flowers and it was very sweet. I purchased it on Shein. It was really nice it was the right size but the top was really big on me so what I did was I gather the top together and got a hair tie and wrapped it like it was a pony tail and then I tucked it in. It gave a small sweetheart neckline and I really liked it. I then added one of my blond wigs and a pink floppy hat. My first initial hat was wool but I accidently destroyed it because I washed it and it never went back to its shape so I had to buy a new one. I think this new one is better since it matched the color of the romper better.

The location was simple I wanted these looks to be easy breezy and sweet. I had seen a location that had a waterfall and pretty flowers and I felt that it was perfect. I wanted my poses to be sweet, simple and easy nothing harsh. I wanted to look like I was on vacation and just happen take photos on my way to the beach. I think what really makes the outfit work is the hat. I tried to make it work without the hat but the hat gives it that extra touch to it. Hats can be really fun to work with and it can really pull any outfit together.

Here you can see the subtle sweetheart neckline

Waiting for my yacht to pick me up and take me away :)

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