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Leather Maintenance

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Its that time again when the leaves are turning yellow and orange, the days are getting shorter and colder. Stores are pulling our their Halloween and thanksgiving decorations and their famous pumpkin spice cupcakes. All these signs tells us one thing that fall is right around the corner and its time to pull out your boots, scarves and heavy jackets.

I purchased my first leather boots a few years ago and wore them mostly in the fall and it wasn't until then I started to noticing that my boots where not as shiny as before and they started looking dull and worn out. So I bought my own leather kit and have been polishing all my leather items since then.

Polishing leather is pretty simple all you will need is a moist rag, shoe polish and some sort of a polish brush. I get a moist rag rub some of the polish on the leather. I leave it for about 5-8 min. Nothing more than that because then it will be very hard to buff out and may stain the leather. I then grab my shoe polish brush and buff it out. It is a very fast process and not complicated at all and will leave your shoes looking shiny and polish. You can even use this process on non-leather bags and shoes. Polish for leather comes in all colors so they will always be one specifically for your leather item. The time frame of when you should polish will depend on how often you use it.

So I encourage you to try it out. Your shoes or any other leather item will thank you in the long run.

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