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Laguna Beach Trip

This past October I went on a trip to Laguna Beach, CA. It was amazing and I want to tell you all about it. I will include photos and also check out my YouTube page where I will be going into more detail about my experience.

Laguna Beach has a small town feel that I love. I first arrived on Friday night and the Air B and B was right next to the beach. It was so close that I could hear the waves. I decided to go to the beach right after arriving. There was no one on the beach and not a lot of light so it was perfect. All you can hear was the rolling of the waves as they crash into the sand it was really magical and my favorite part of the trip besides the food.

That night I walked around for a bit. Laguna has a lot of small shops that I have never heard of. One store had a box outside the place that said Free Please Take and it was filled with shoes. I really wish they where my size because they where actually really nice tennis shoes. I ate at the Saphire restaurant right across the street from my place. I had a burger and it was pretty good.

Here is a photo of me at the beach at night

The next day I had breakfast at the Saphire again. This restaurant has a pastry shop and serve breakfast. I had eggs, bacon and a really good sausage. I usually do not like sausage but I tried it and it was really amazing. I also had a chocolate croissant. It was pretty good but the sausage really took the prize.

During the day I rented a bike at Beach Bum that was right across the street from my place. This is what I like most about Laguna Beach is how close everything is. Mostly everything is in walking distance. Getting the bikes was a good idea because I was able to explore the city more.

I rode the bike down to Heisler Park. The ride to Heisler park was nice. Roads are split and it gives enough space between you and the other cars. Heisler Park is not a park that you can ride in so I had park my bike and walk around. Main beach is right next to Heisler Park it is more busy more people they have volleyball courts and lots of places to sit and enjoy a picnic. Its more populated but too much that you can't find a place to sit and relax.

After Heisler Park rode my bike down to the Forrest Ave. Its an avenue with a lot of little shops. It was fun walking around. Before going to Laguna I had done some research and had found a little Parisian style café called Moulin. I really wanted to try it out for their pastries. They had somewhat of a line but not too much. I ordered a almond croissant, hazelnut tarte, chocolate tarte, French bread, chicken and some chocolate truffles. It was all delicious. The croissant was amazing and the mini tartes where the best. I ate all the pastries. It was best pastries I've ever had. My food took over almost two tables. It was a lot but very delicious. I walked around Forrest Ave for a bit more. The little shops are more locally owned so I did not recognize any shops but they seem to have little bit of everything.

Later that evening I went back to the beach again to watch the sunset. It was really nice. Some people but not too many a few where playing in the water it was really peaceful but fun at the same time.

Laguna Beach is a very beautiful place that I really would like to visit again. It has a small town feel people greet each other from their cars. It is a really special place to visit. The food is great and what I enjoyed most was how private the beaches are and how you can really escape and have a time for yourself just you and the waves.

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