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Khaki's an Everyday Wear

In the early 2000's khakis where a big deal. I would remember watching the Old Navy and GAP commercials marketing their new khakis pants and cargo shorts. I had my own khakis pants they were bell bottoms and they were my favorite pair of pants to wear. What I enjoy most about khakis is that you can match them with just about anything. The color is classic and versatile. It can be worn with just about any color or pattern. It also is the color for most uniforms. Best examples for this is Target, Walmart, and Best Buy. These stores use khakis as the basis for their uniforms. When I worked as a janitor my uniform was a blue collared shirt and khaki pants. So you can see that khakis is a household base for uniforms.

Khakis where first used in the Army as a form of uniform. You can see this from most Army movies starting from WW1. If you see movies from the Civil War and beyond the uniform was either blue or gray and depending on the country it was sometimes red. It was found that using bright colors did not camouflage well into the surroundings so it was decided to use a more neutral color so as to blend into the surroundings and not be so noticeable when trying to hide from your enemy. This technique was officially used by the British Troops in 1868 in an expedition to Abyssinia when Indian troops traveled to Ethiopia.

The best examples from movies that use khakis is Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, Out of Africa and Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones outfit consisted of mostly neutral colors and Khaki pants and actually for Halloween in High School I dressed up as Indiana Jones. My outfit consisted of Khaki pants a green jacket with a hat and a rope that I used as a lasso. They are many examples of khakis throughout movies, shows, and history.

My inspiration for this outfit came when I found an oversized khaki polyester coat. As soon as I found this coat I thought pairing this with a white collared shirt. I then started piecing the items together. I decided to use shorts for the bottoms to allow the outfit to breathe. I then topped it off with boots so as to give it an adventurous vibe. I wanted to keep it simple yet stylish and casual.

I wanted the location to be neutral so as to match the color pallet. I wanted the look to stand out but I also wanted to camouflage into the background. I found a place that had the colors I was looking for. I wanted to imagine that I was in the deserts of South Africa surrounding by tall shrubs, crackling mud and lions.

Khakis will never go out of style. They are a classic color and versatile in many ways. You can find them anywhere from the desserts of Africa to your local Target store. They are a staple in our everyday wear.

Pearl Harbor uniforms.

Out of Africa, gives us a prime example of neutral colors.

Another example Indiana jones.

In this shot you can clearly see the difference between Navy and the Army. The colors will match their surroundings.

Here you can see in this recreation of the Revolutionary War soldiers. The bright colors make them stand out and from the colors they are being patriotic with the red white and blue.

Civil War soldiers using the color blue as their uniforms.

WWII colors change. Saving Private Ryan prime example of color change.

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