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Ice Water Facial

This past week I found a facial that I really like and I think that you will like it too. What I like most about it is how easy and simple it is to put together. If you are like me I prefer facials that require the bare minimum of ingredients. I have done all types of facials. But recently I have had to put a stop to all of that since last year with Covid and the mask mandate I got a really bad rash or infection on my face that to this day I still have it. I take medication and it is slowly going away but not as fast as I would like.

Since then I have been very cautious of the things I put on my face and do not do any type facials. So what I found that really helps me is this Ice Water facial that I found on YouTube. Basically what you will need is a bowl, ice and some water.

You will take your bowl and put the ice and you can put as much ice as you would like and then you pour the room temperature water on the ice. You wait for the most of the ice to melt. You then put your face in the bowl and leave it there for about 5-10 seconds or so and you do this for about 10 times or so. I do it on the counter since I like to hold on the counter for safety reasons and also make sure I do it around people in case something happens since I am holding my breath in water. I also like to make sure I have a towel for my face to lightly dry it.

I really enjoy this facial because it calms my face and I feel like my face becomes more clear and it helps with the inflammation and reducing puffiness from the redness of my outbreaks. I recommend doing this once every two or three days. It is really simple and easy and the benefits are totally worth it.

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