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Elegance: Fashion Clutch

A couple weeks ago I was at my favorite second hand store and found something that I was really not expecting. I was done with my shopping when I decided to take look at the purse area, sometimes you can find really good purses. I was looking around when I saw what I thought was a magazine. I grabbed it and to my amazement I realized it was a clutch. I was pretty excited I had never seen something like this. I have seen bags with portrait paintings but never a clutch let alone an image of a magazine.

But as soon as I found out what it was I really liked it even the girl at the check out was surprised to find out what it was. I got home and I was showing it my family what I had purchased. My sister in law then researched it and found that it was actually a vintage item from the 60's.

The clutch has an image of the magazine Elegance Paris. I have been trying to find who the lady on the magazine cover is but I could not find any info on it. It has a hard cover with a leather snap to keep it closed. It is somewhat small but still fun to carry around. These clutches where really popular in the 70's and 80's. The idea originates from Italy which was invented to deter thieves. Purse snatcher would see them and think that it was just a magazine and would pass by. I think its pretty clever invention.

I am amaze at the amount of fashion inventions that have been created throughout the years to provide some type of protection. For example we have rain coats, swim suits, rain boots, space suits. We can even go further back to earlier times when they would use leaves to cover themselves. Leather and fur was also used to keep warm. What amazes me the most about is the mass production and variety of these products. I am sure that the magazine clutch at some point was mass produced and became widely popular. Mass production and variety allows for all taste to have access to their own identity. The most common modern example that I can see that became immediately popular was the face mask. Weather you agree with wearing mask or not you cannot deny that in less than a few months each company was making their own. I would see masks that had designs and sparkles and even some with dangling sparkles (I personally think those where the best). Even sports team would have their own once stadiums started opening. I even at some point saw a Chanel mask at the store. Companies wanted a part of the high demand and therefore started making their own to appease their audience.

Finding this clutch was a great find. It's an item that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I can imagine going to Italy and walking around town and tricking all the purse snatchers, although by now I'm sure they know they better, but just the thought of looking chic and walking to around town. I can see myself as a clever woman a woman with Elegance.

Vintage Elegance Paris Magazine Clutch Purse

Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Magazine clutch S03E08.

Here you can see that it really does look like a magazine. Its stylish yet casual.

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