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Diamonds and Gloves

The little black dress is as common as ice cream on a hot summer day. I have worn many versions of the little black dress. For references and for the sake of short hard I am going to call it by its initials LBD. LBD is a classic staple and I believe every woman either has one or a similar version of it in their closet and has worn it at least once or twice.

I generally enjoy a LBD. I have two right now in my closet and last week I was about to purchase another one. You can never just have one. It's the clothing item that you buy and before you know it you have about 5 different version of it which is perfectly normal.

The key to preventing them from all looking the same is going to be accessories. Accessories will be your getaway to look different each time. This time I added an accessory I never really used before, Gloves. Long black sating gloves. I felt they would give it a whole new vibe.

Fashion gloves where initially worn by higher society members such as polite society, members of the church and royalty members.

Women mostly wore gloves to protect their hands and to keep them soft and feminine. Nowadays you don't see many people wearing gloves mostly you see gloves for work, winter or rarely at awards shows.

I wanted to use gloves because I knew it would be different and would give me a look that maybe I had never explored before. So I got on my favorite internet shopping site and ordered them. Once I got them I knew it was the right choice. I love how it upgraded the look by making it more fancy and mysteries. I then added a faux diamond pear shaped ring. It was big and fabulous and I do enjoy big and fabulous. The gloves accentuated the ring. I almost felt like the ring was the main star and I was the co-star

Accessories can upgrade your outfit in so many ways. So I hope that you get out there explore all of your options and give a chance to something different.

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