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Desert Jacket

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Getting out of my comfort zone and creating new looks has become one of my favorite things to do. It can be overwhelming sometimes when you are not sure if you can pull it off but when the stars align and it all comes together its a beautiful moment.

I had something similar to that with this outfit called Desert Jacket.

Desert Jacket consists of a mid drift white turtle neck, mini skirt with the main item being a leather jacket. The item that I enjoy the most is the shirt. The mid drift shirt is very versatile since its white and can be combined with a lot of different textiles and colors. You can combine the shirt with jeans, shorts or another skirt with different designs. Since it is a mid drift it can sometimes be hard to wear all by itself but you can always wear with a jacket or even even with a blouse over it.

An outfit can never be complete without the shoes. I got the boots for $1 they where on sale they are twice my size and do not have any cushion on the inside but I got them anyways for the sake of the photo. I would recommend wearing booties with it or even some long thigh high boots to go along with the mini skirt.

I had never worn a mid drift before let alone for a photo but I had had this shirt sitting in my closet for a long time and did not know how to wear it and I was not sure I could pull it off. Until I tried it again with a mindset that I can find a way to make it work. I tried several skirts and even jeans but the gray spandex skirt is what worked best. I was able to pull up the skirt enough to show some mid drift skin. I topped it off with my leather jacket. I thought that maybe would be too busy but the jacket gave a special touch and it actually completed the look.

Creating new looks from your closet can be a fun project and you will be surprised by how many new looks and combinations you can create. So I hope this inspires you too look into your closet and maybe try that piece of clothing again that you where not sure about before and give it a new chance.

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