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A love letter to Arizona

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Arizona has been my home for 26 years. Summers are hot and long and we really only have two seasons hot and mildly cold winter. There is really no place like Arizona. You have a booming metropolitan city filled with cars and buildings and in that same space you can drive just a few minutes out and be in the desert surrounded by cactuses and rattlesnakes.

I wanted to create a look that would be love letter to the beautiful Arizona. I used the Arizona state state flag colors to be the inspiration for the outfit. The Arizona flag consist of the following colors: Copper, blue, yellow and red.

What I like most about the Arizona flag is the deep copper color that almost looks like a deep mustard yellow. It is the star in the flag and I wanted to use it as the main color.

I went for the deepest mustard color clothing item that I had which is a button up shirt with no collar. it was a little loose on me so I left the last two buttons un-button and tied it together. I sometimes prefer looser shirts because you can either do a knot at the bottom or create a loose tucked look.

For the yellow and red colors I used these shorts that I purchased about a year ago. I bought these shorts because of the colors. The colors are so busy and gives it homage to the Mexican Serape Poncho. The colors really caught my attention. I was unlike any other color combinations shorts that I have. The colors consist of red, pink purple white and different designs. There is no real combination. It looks like they got all the colors they could and threw them all together.

As you can tell the tone of the outfit is already really warm almost like middle of July 120 degree weather warm. So I had to cool the tone down. I used an acid wash jean jacket as my blue tone color. This jacket is everything to me it is so fun to use because of its versatility.

For my shoes I used burgundy booties. I decided on the burgundy color to accentuate both the copper and red together.

Accessories where pretty minimal I used a turquoise ring to accentuate the blue tones. Arizona sells a lot of turquoise jewelry and I am big fan of it and wanted to demonstrate Arizona as much as possible.

I decided the photo shoot to be at an old antique mineral hotel called Buckhorn Baths Motel and Museums. This was a popular location back in the 1940's. It has now been closed for a long time but a lot of the building still remains. I decided to do the photo shoot in that particular location because it had an antique style to it. I was attracted to the faded yellow walls with peeling paint and the thick uneven browns doors. I was enamored with the place. A lot of the location was closed so I could not walk around freely which made me like it even more.

Arizona means so much to me. It is my home it is my families home. Arizona is a beautiful state filled with dessert and history and this outfit is an homage to its beauty.

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