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Treasure seekers: Thrift Store finds

Finding a good deal is exciting. It's a rush. You feel like you just won the lottery. You tell yourself wow I am lucky. You get your item and rush to the counter to buy it ASAP. This same thing happen to me not too long ago. I went to my local thrift store to use my coupon that was going to expire that day and I wanted to make sure to use it. I always enjoy a thrift store. It honestly is my favorite store. The reason why I enjoy thrift stores so much besides the price is the variety of clothes.

Sometimes what I notice about certain stores is that a certain point the clothes start looking the same. I feel like I am seeing the same thing but just in a different color. I am a person that loves variety and I don't want to be attached to a certain look from a store. I want to have my own style and not a style that is created by a franchise. I enjoy the freedom that comes from exploring endless varieties of looks. I have found so many different clothes and styles in thrift stores. You never really know what you will find. And these unexpected treasures is what keeps me coming back.

A few days ago I found a treasure at my local thrift store. I was shocked. I looked around me thinking how did someone not see this. I had found a Dooney & Bourke in excellent shape. No tears in the handles. The leather needed to be shined but I could take care of that easily. The inside was clean no stains and what surprised me the most was the price. It was being sold for $4.49. Now this I could not believe. I've seen bags in worse condition being sold for $10 or more. I love finding little treasures like these. Another place that I would also suggest looking at is in yard sales. I have found many unexpected things at yard sales. The fun thing about yard sales is that you can sometimes negotiate the price and that makes it even better. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the great things that you can find outside of your typical stores. Bargain sales are everywhere. So give yourself a chance to find an unexpected treasure.

Here are some of the my favorite items I have found at thrift store enjoy!

Short mustard yellow tank top

Dress found at a bargain price.

Halloween costume

Jacket and white romper purchased at a thrift store. Purse purchased from a yard sale.

Shirt, shorts and bag purchased from thrift store. Glasses from the 99cent store.

Another great find. Both from thrift store.

Faux fur coat that I got a bargain. Glasses from 99cent store

Shirt I purchased at a yard sale.

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